About Us

Lucky Omega Hasan & Partners

Our partners are dedicated to providing a comfortable and professional atmosphere for our clients. They will assist you in contacting or scheduling appointments to consult or meet the members of our firm.

Our lawyers are dedicated to understand our client's goals and helping them achieve their legal objectives. All of our lawyers have a wide range of experience beyong the legal profession.

We strive to foster lasting lawyer-client relationship by providing quality service and personal attention to your case. At your initial conference, one of our lawyers will meet you to discuss and learn about your situation, explain exactly what we can do to help you and the cost associated for our legal services.

Our lawyers provide a variety of legal services in the Indonesia area, litigation and non-litigation, including: Business Litigation, Corporate Litigation, Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Criminal Defence, Divorce and Family Law, Tax Law, Bankruptcy, Employment, Intellectual Property Right, Landlord Tenant Litigation, Residential Real Estate, Arbitration, Law Contract Construction, Real Estate Commercial, Business Lawyer, and Property Litigation.

We invite you to review our profiles and our partners practice areas to learn more about the services our lawyers provide.